Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime is a membership program that provides you with many benefits such as unlimited FREE two-day shipping on any order, $3.99 overnight shipping on any item, free streaming video, and free Kindle books, along with other perks.

Amazon Prime is $79 per year and is also able to be split between up to four additional household members.  You will receive free shipping to any address, which makes this a great option if you have friends or family out of state.

There is no minimum order to take advantage of the free two day shipping.  Almost every item that is shipped from and sold by is eligible. 

In many states, does not charge sales tax (check with your accountant to see if you are required to report these items on your income taxes).  This savings alone can offset the cost of Amazon Prime.  With their already low prices, you can save a fortune without ever leaving home!

You may even be eligible for a FREE trial of Amazon Prime.  Click here for details:  Free Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon also offers thousands of streaming videos free to Amazon Prime members. 

Amazon Prime members will also receive free access to the Kindle Lending Service, which allows you to ‘check out’ thousands of books at no additional charge.

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